Frequently Asked Questions and Terms & Conditions.

Kinder Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we charged an Administration Fee?
New families are required to pay the Administration Fee upon accepting their enrolment. This supports the enrolment and orientation process as we look to ensure accurate information of all families in accordance with regulations and Centrelink are obtained in a timely manner. We are also required to provide information to the Department of Education and Training to ensure Kindergarten Funding and other subsidies are secured. With over 250 families involved in the service, this is a significant task and the administration fee contributes to the resources and electronic systems required to complete these.

If my child leaves part way through the sessional kindergarten term, is my fee refundable?
A term fee cannot be refunded if you leave part way through the term as enrolment has been reserved for your child and it is unlikely we will be able to fill the vacancy. A term’s notice is required in writing for cancellation of sessional kindergarten enrolment.

What does funded kindergarten mean?
The Victorian Government provides funding to support children to access a high quality kindergarten program delivered by a registered early childhood teacher in the year before they start school. The funding is a contribution towards meeting the cost of the kindergarten program and is claimed by the service and allocated to the service. Funding cannot be claimed by families nor allocated to families as an account credit. Your child can only be funded for a kindergarten place at one service at any one time and only for one year (unless your child is assessed as being eligible for a second funded year by your child’s kindergarten teacher).

What is the criteria for undertaking the 3 Year Old Sessional Kindergarten program?
We require children enrolling in 3 year old sessional kindergarten to be aged 3 by commencement of term 1, with a grace period of 2 weeks should your child turn 3 years old within two weeks of term one starting. This ensures our child to staff ratios are met in accordance with legislation. It also ensures that children are age appropriate to commence the program and transition successfully in to 4 year old kindergarten and then schooling. 3 year old kindergarten is not yet a funded program therefore, the requirements of this program are at the discretion of the service. 3 year old sessional kindergarten is a one-year enrolment only with no guarantee or offer to repeat the program for a second year.

What is the criteria for undertaking the Funded 4 Year Old Kindergarten program?
In order for your child to be eligible for funded 4 year old kindergarten, they must turn 4 years old by 30th April of year of enrolment. They cannot be undertaking funded 4 year old kindergarten at another service. Ideally, a child should enrol in this program the year prior to starting school as an application is required to secure a funded place for a second year of kindergarten. If you have questions about your child’s kindergarten and school readiness, our kindergarten team are available to guide you.

Is there is a difference between the educational programs provided in Early Years Program and Sessional Kindergarten?
The difference between our Early Years Program and Sessional Kindergarten is the times of operation. The educational component of both programs is based on the National and State learning framework. Programs are designed to suit the needs of the various groups and may differ in play spaces and teaching as each teacher brings their individual philosophy and training to their role.

Can the Child Care Subsidy be applied to these programs?
The Childcare Subsidy (CCS) can be applied to the Early Years Program only. The CCS does not apply to our Sessional Kindergarten program.

Terms & Conditions

Annual Administration Fee – The annual administration fee of $155 per child is non-refundable and will be charged upon commencement.

Kindergarten Enrolment Deposit - The kindergarten enrolment deposit is non-refundable and applied to term 1 fees.

Waitlists - 3 and 4 year old sessional kindergarten waitlists are managed by the service. To be waitlisted for a sessional program, your application must be made in writing to the service detailing your child’s name and date of birth. Our waitlists are open in advance therefore we encourage families to place their name on the waitlist where their child is age appropriate to avoid disappointment. The service has the discretion to close off waitlists once it is deemed exhausted. To be placed on the 4 year old sessional kindergarten waitlist, your child must be 4 years old by April 30th of year of enrolment. To be placed on the 3 year old sessional kindergarten waitlist, your child must be 3 years old by commencement of term one or 3 years old within two weeks of commencement of term one.

Alteration/Cancellation of Enrolment – You must advise BWFCC in writing of any cancellation of an enrolment. Cancellation to sessional kindergarten enrolment requires one term’s notice.

Business Trading Terms – In accordance our Fee Policy, all fees are collected via direct debit. Where the fees remain unpaid, we refer the account to a collection agency and/or law firm. Please note that the costs of these external services will be added to the outstanding debt.

Child Illness – If your child is unwell, (suffering from a fever, gastro or other infectious disease) they are required to stay home from kindergarten in accordance with the exclusion period outlined by National Health and Medical Research Council and a medical clearance is required from a doctor to permit the child back in to the learning program. Fees will apply to absences.

Immunisations – 'No Jab, No Play' is the government legislation that requires all children to be fully vaccinated to be enrolled in childcare or kindergarten in Victoria. Evidence of up to date immunisation must be provided prior to your child commencing at our service. An Immunisation History Statement from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register can be used as evidence of up to date vaccination. We can no longer accept copies of doctors letters or your child’s health record books.

Family Vacations – If your family is absent due to holiday, your child’s kindergarten fees will still apply.

Enrolment Forms/Collection of Children – Each child must have an up-to-date enrolment form containing the contact details for at least two emergency contacts; persons authorised to pick up children, and administration of medical attention. If you require your child to be collected from BWFCC by someone who is not already on the list of authorised persons, you must call the centre to authorise the pick up, and update your enrolment form within 24 hours.

Further Information – For further information regarding our policies and procedures, we encourage you to read our policies thoroughly, as these outline all terms and conditions in regards to our service.