Governance and Service Committees.

Please see our admin team if you would like to be involved with the Board of Governance or a committee of the service.

Board of Governance

The board is responsible for providing leadership and strategy to the organisation ensuring the current and future direction is consistent with the organisation’s aims and the interests and needs of the services stakeholders. The Board is made up of family and community members who bring key skills, expertise and guidance in the management of the service.

The Board members are part of individual sub-committees based on their particular area of expertise and interest, including; Consultative Committee, Integration, Finance Committee, People and Culture Committee, Risk Committee, Governance and Appointments Committee. 

Meetings are held every third Monday of the month.

Consultative Committee

The Consultative Committee is an advisory committee of the Board of Governance of BWFCC.

The purpose of the Committee is to enable two-way communication between the users of the Centre, staff members, partners to the Centre and the Board of Governance. The Committee strives to be inclusive and to ensure that a diverse range of the views, opinions and perspectives are included in the Board’s planning, monitoring and review of the Centre’s strategic direction.

The Committee meets on a monthly basis. If you would like to provide feedback through the committee, please reach out to your Room Rep or the Convenor of the committee.

Integration Committee

The Integration Committee is made up of a representative of each onsite service across the centre, this group meet quarterly with the aim to holistically attain an integrated approach to service delivery.