Our Vision, Values and Strategic Plan.

Our Vision
An inclusive community that supports the development of engaged, capable and confident young learners.

Our Purpose
To provide an integrated family focused community centre where all children and educators have equitable opportunities to reach their full potential.

Our Values
We act with transparency, professionalism, and consistency. Our relationships are respectful and reciprocal and are built on trust, authenticity, and ethical interactions.
We acknowledge and respect that everyone has their own culture, beliefs, and strengths contributing to our rich and diverse community, creating a sense of belonging.
We work in partnership with all stakeholders to make decisions that are responsible and fair. We recognise and value the interconnectedness between our children, our families, our educators, and our integrated centre community.

Our Strategic Plan

  1. Deliver a high quality education and care service.
    Be the centre of choice for families.
    1. Achieve ‘Exceeding’ in the National Quality Assessment.
    2. Deliver a culture of continuous improvement.
    3. Facilitate inclusion of children’s and families’ voices in decision making across the organisation.
    4. Become a centre that showcases excellence.
  2. Attract and retain highly skilled and professional people who are committed to the BWFCC vision and values.
    Be the employer of choice.
    1. Establish 'people and culture' practices that are above industry standard.
    2. Maintain professional development programs. 
    3. Support staff wellbeing.
  3. Improve outcomes for children and families using a holistic approach that links our core programs with ‘sessional’ activities and external services.
    Be a leading integrated service.
    1. Evolve an integration model and evaluation framework.
    2. Develop an integration action plan.
    3. Continue to build connections with relevant service providers.  
  4. Ensure sustainability in the face of continuous change.
    Be affordable and sustainable. 
    1. Meet the expectations of high quality programs while maintaining equity and value in our fees.
    2. Ensure Association governance and centre management is based on best practice. 
    3. Support and enhance our activities by the diversification of our income streams.
    4. Minimise our carbon footprint and value sustainability.