About Kindergarten.

Our sessional kindergarten programs utilise a comprehensive approach to children’s learning and development. We recognise children as being capable and competent learners, supporting all children in their developmental journey. Our kindergarten programs are led by qualified early childhood trained teachers, who are assisted by trained co-educators.

The learning, programs and curriculum outcomes are the same in our sessional kindergarten as it is in our integrated long day care kindergarten programs. The difference is the structure of the day and the consistency of the children attending the group each day.
Our kindergarten groups are offered high quality play based learning experiences that are designed to enhance each child’s development, at their own pace and at their own level.

The programs are made up of a variety of open-ended, play based experiences that will encourage your child to explore, investigate and engage in a rich learning environment. The experiences are designed by the teachers, however, they are based on your children’s individual interests. When children engage with topics of personal interest, they develop a love of learning. This supports them in developing lifelong learning dispositions which will benefit them throughout their schooling.

Our teachers have an advanced understanding of the early literacy and numeracy skills that children learn prior to engaging in formal learning at school. Each of the play based experiences offered in the children’s learning environment support a range of skills and development. All educators take observations of the children and assess their development from a strengths based perspective, focusing on what they can do and their achievements.

We have high expectation for all children, seeing them as knowledgeable, wise and engaged in their learning. We seek feedback from children as they work with their teachers in making decisions on matters that affect them and their learning. We do this in a number of ways. Including regular kinder meetings working with whole and small groups of children. Inviting families to share input and make contributions to our program. We also invite children to share their interests in group times and in individual conversations that educators have with your child. In kindergarten we also encourage families to do stay and play so they can be a part of the program and support the home-kinder balance, whilst addressing what children are working towards.

We are committed to ensuring we offer extensive and high quality learning opportunities by incorporating the wider community in the experiences we offer the children. The Director of Education and Educational Leadership Team mentor all educators, offering professional development opportunities to support staff in improving their knowledge and skills. This helps us in being an employer of choice and a centre of choice, as we strive to provide an excellent level of quality education and care.

All staff take an active role in developing, creating and documenting the program and children’s learning. Children’s observations are stored in their portfolios which are shared with families on a termly basis and are presented to children at the conclusion of the kindergarten year.