Transition to Kindergarten.

Kinder Orientation Process
Families work with our enrolments officer in securing a kindergarten place for their child. We encourage families to arrange a time to take a tour of our service. This is a great opportunity to see our flexible learning spaces and large inviting outdoor environments.

As part of our sessional kindergarten orientation process children along with a parent are invited to attend a stay and play session prior to the commencement of the kinder year. This allows children to see the kinder space and meet their teachers. These sessions are a critical part of the orientation process and provide an informal platform for families and educators to meet and connect. At Bubup we have developed a welcome book for children coming into sessional kindergarten. This book is written to the child and includes information and pictures that support your child’s sense of connection and comfort to their new kinder space.

Our kindergarten teachers remain available to speak with families in discussing the kinder program and in answering questions that you or your child might have. Additionally our administration and management staff are committed to working with families in providing a seamless transition into kinder at Bubup.

Transition to School Program
Our transition to school program is run in conjunction with our local feeder schools. This programs assists all children to acclimatise themselves with a school environment, regardless of which school they will attend. We find that this helps the children to move on to school with greater confidence and resilience in connecting to a new learning environment.