Sessional and Integrated Kindergarten.

About Kindergarten
Our kindergarten programs foster the agency and capabilities of each child by providing a strength based approach to learning and development. We recognise that children have different learning styles, are competent contributors to their own learning and will be supported to make choices and decisions. We have 2 options for families accessing their year before school funding in a formal kindergarten program at Bubup, Sessional and Integrated (long day care) Kindergarten. It is often down to the needs of each individual family or age of the child that determines which kinder program your child should access. The learning, programs, and curriculum outcomes are the same in our sessional kindergarten as it is in our integrated long day care kindergarten programs.

The kindergarten programs are delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher. They're designed to improve your child’s development in:
• social skills, like how to play with other children in a calm, sharing and rewarding way
• self-awareness, resilience building and respect for others
• emotional skills and self-regulation, for example understanding their feelings
• language, literacy and numeracy skills, such as reading stories and counting objects
• a joy for learning and group activities, such as talking, drawing and making things together with other children their own age
• ability to make new friends
• exposure to new ideas and concepts.
• provides opportunities to build skills that are important for life and supports school readiness.

What is the difference between our Integrated and Sessional Kindergarten Programs?

  • There is no difference between the educational programs in Integrated (long day care) and Sessional Kindergarten, other than the length of days and allocation of days to attend.
  • The educational component of both programs uses a combination of the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework.
  • In each program children have their own learning portfolio with learning that is designed to suit the needs of its individual group.
  • Each kindergarten group is led by a qualified kinder teacher who has obtained at least a bachelors degree qualification.

Transition to Kinder
Kinder Orientation Process
Families work with our enrolments officer in securing a kindergarten place for their child. We encourage families to arrange a time to take a tour of our service. This is a great opportunity to see our flexible learning spaces and large inviting outdoor environments.
As part of our sessional kindergarten orientation process children along with a parent are invited to attend a stay and play session prior to the commencement of the kinder year. This allows children to see the kinder space and meet their teachers. These sessions are a critical part of the orientation process and provide an informal platform for families and educators to meet and connect.
Our kindergarten teachers remain available to speak with families in discussing the kinder program and in answering questions that you or your child might have. Additionally our administration and management staff are committed to working with families in providing a seamless transition into kinder at Bubup.

Transition to School Program
Our transition to school program is run in conjunction with our local feeder schools. This programs assists all children to acclimatise themselves with a school environment, regardless of which school they will attend. We find that this helps the children to move on to school with greater confidence and resilience in connecting to a new learning environment. All of our year before school kinder programs, both sessional and integrated kindergarten look towards school readiness. Tiddlik & Bunjil groups (sessional) and Bouddi Group (integrated) use the same school readiness plan. This has been developed by the kindergarten coordinator in conjunction with some of our local feeder schools. This means we are continuing to work towards school readiness across our kinder year, regardless of which group your child is in. Please note that we are only making school readiness assessments on children who are eligible to attend school in the year following kinder. We work with families individually on this matter. 

Integrated Kindergarten Program

Our integrated kindergarten (long day care) operates each week across the year from 7:30am to 6:00pm. Closing only for public holidays and over the Christmas break. This program uses a daily fee and CCS can be applied.

Bouddi Group- 3-5 year old program, Mon-Fri 7:30-6pm.

2022 Sessional Kindergarten

4 Year Old Sessional Kindergarten Groups

4 Year Old 15 Hour Funded Program $900 per term
Once-off Administration Fee $155 (charged for every child, non-refundable)

Tiddlik Group runs on Monday and Wednesday, from 8.30am - 4.00pm

Bunjil Group runs on Tuesday and Thursday, from 8.30am - 4.00pm

*Children must turn 4 before 30 April in the year of commencement. Please see our enrolment and orientation policy for more information.

3 Year Old Sessional Kindergarten Group

3 Year Old Program $650 per term
Once-off Administration Fee $155 (charged for every child, non-refundable)

Koonwarra Group runs on Friday, from 8.30am - 3.00pm

*Children must turn 3 by commencement of Term 1. Please see our enrolment and orientation policy for more information.

Term Dates 2022

Term One – 1st February to 8th April
Term Two – 26th April to 24th June
Term Three – 11th July to 16th September
Term Four – 3rd October to 20th December

The Sessional Kindergarten operates on a per term basis, term fees are charged prior to the commencement of the next term.


Holiday Care

Holiday Care Fees

Children 3-5 years $132.50 per day (the Child Care Subsidy may be applicable)

Children 6-8 years $100 per day

We offer holiday care for children aged 3 – 8 years who may need care during the school holidays. Holiday programs will be led by our qualified staff. We’ll be offering a program with activities every day including arts & crafts, sports, cookery and more. Holiday care is offered in each of the school term breaks throughout the year. Bookings can be made for the whole program or for individual days (specified in advance). Book in early at Reception to avoid missing out. Children attending our holiday care program will be provided lunch and snacks throughout the day.